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2020, Guangzhou, Hangzhou

The media and scholars often view idols as products and the idol industry as an assembly line. However, I believe that the fundamental mechanism of the idol industry is the exchange of love, which is always obscured by the mainstream narratives of fame, ambition, intensive training, and exploitative contracts. As such, I organized an Idol audition that prioritizes the desire for non-mediated love as its criteria."Siming Entertainment" is such a loose platform composed of art practitioners  providing the possibility for girls who are strangers to each other to form emotional connections with others.

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我相信偶像系统的背后是严丝合缝的爱意交换,而这种机制往往被主流叙事下的野心、歌舞、八年劳务合同所掩盖。我试图剥去不公平的劳务契约,举办一场标准为“爱”的甄选。“思明文娱”则是这样一个松散的由艺术从业者组成的平台,为素昧平生的女孩子们提供与他人发生情感连接的可能性 。

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