Servitude: do not believe that Google Map

Three-channel Video, 12'56''

In December 2020, Sergei Ustinov, aged 18, left Yakutsk. Instead of navigating on the Russian-based search engine Yandex, he chose to trust the direction on Google Map and headed down a notorious highway, which led him to hypothermia and death in icy Siberia. In the other largest polar city being Norilsk, where is stronghold of metal giant Nornickel, the icebreaker set off with tons of nickel, sailing up the Yenisei River to Rotterdam, Pittsburgh, Shanghai, or wherever the cargos could be unloaded.

The story of the video is adapted from the above news. A young girl in love is re-examining the myth of globalization and trying to escape from the polar city, which exists only for metallurgy. As the global layout of a multinational corporation sees the city or the individual as a mere pawn, whether lust or allure can provide a possible way out.

*Full video by request.


2020年12月,十八岁的 Sergei Ustinov 离开雅库茨克。他没有使用立足本土的 Yandex 导航,选择相信谷歌地图的指示,走向了一条臭名昭著的公路,最后在冰天雪地的西伯利亚中失温而死。与他的目的地同为金属巨头Nonickel据点的诺里尔斯克,破冰船载着成吨的镍出发,沿着叶尼塞河来到鹿特丹、匹兹堡、上海,或是船只能停留的任意地方。影片中的故事根据以上新闻改编,少女因爱重新审视全球化的神话,试图逃离只为冶金业而存在的极地城市。跨国企业的韬略布局若将城市或个人视为棋子,情欲是否能成为破局的那一着。


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