Servitude: do not believe that Google Map

Three-channel Video, 4K, color with sound,  12'56''


Servitude: do not believe that Google Map is a speculative fiction inspired by an actual accident: an 18-year-old Siberian teen froze to death after Google Map's sat-nav wrong. Followed by the details in the news report, I started to compose a failed love story of a Siberian woman, interrogating the legitimacy of the total embrace of digitalization, the unfair deployment within transnational corporations.

As both China and Russia have embraced capitalism in their post-Communist stage, how do viewers embody this relationship of lover-wannabe as individuals to the state? Is there a love for the nation-state that failed to live through communism, and that is now living through the capitalist grandeur of the corporation and its global reach?

*Full video by request.

2020年12月,十八岁的 Sergei Ustinov 离开雅库茨克。他没有使用立足本土的 Yandex 导航,选择相信谷歌地图的指示,走向了一条臭名昭著的公路,最后在冰天雪地的西伯利亚中失温而死。与他的目的地同为金属巨头Nonickel据点的诺里尔斯克,破冰船载着成吨的镍出发,沿着叶尼塞河来到鹿特丹、匹兹堡、上海,或是船只能停留的任意地方。影片中的故事根据以上新闻改编,少女因爱重新审视全球化的神话,试图逃离只为冶金业而存在的极地城市。跨国企业的韬略布局若将城市或个人视为棋子,情欲是否能成为破局的那一着。


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