Her Love is a Bleeding Tank

Single Channel Video, 5'31'' 

Full video by request

Her Love is a Bleeding Tank is a one-take visual poem. The narrator Yasmine is nobody but my self-projection, and a concentration of delicateness, purity, as well as all virtues which are not celebrated in the current world. An eye is a theater, in which I replay the life experience of the little Yasmine who could never fulfill her dream of being an idol, her endurance of unnecessary hardship, and the relationship between stoicism and love.

Her Love is a Bleeding Tank



Her Love is a Bleeding Tank是一首影像诗。虚拟的叙述者“思明”从来不是真正存在的实体,却投射了我所有关于纯真却热烈的回忆,是一切不适应二十一世纪的浪漫主义的化身。她似乎只是一个柔弱的小女孩,不够大胆,时常张惶,也从未真正踏出梦想中成为少女偶像的那一步。眼睛是剧场,我重播她的一生,并用这个身份试图回溯真实与虚构,爱与克己的关系。

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