How to be a Former Idol(2020)

Illogical Innocence 

Illogical Innocence is a performative project about an autobiographical avatar of myself, which is composed by on-site and online performances, a tutorial video to be the avatar, a novel, as well as other supporting visual materials generated by DeepFake or taken by me. The avatar is used to talk to random people on Tinder and compulsively throw questions about idol groups according to designated pattens, trying to provoke the potential understanding or pre-existing framework of Asian girls. Messages on Tinder are further archived and turned the FAQs as a tutorial titled How to be a Former Idol(03’19’’), to provide similar experience to the viewers. I see this as a process of sacrificing myself to the endless man desire, trying to see what's the result of the ultimate innocence and vulnerability. 

Read the short story Illogical Innocence .

* Online performance is supported by SpeakAIR  residency.

* Music video and fancam by request.






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Image courtesy of PRECOG ISSUE 8

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