Illogical Innocence / 不合邏輯的天真

‘What is an idol group?’
‘When can I get to see you perform? I have the gift for you after that!’
‘No way, what idol group.(地下アイドルとか)聞いたことがないだろうね。なせ出た?’

Open your Tinder, set the location to Union Square, distance to 2 km, and catch a former idol - me, or my persona. Living in Asia and immersing in the kawaii culture for years, the idol culture for me, has been a taken-for-granted existence. In this love-and-hate relationship, I was a fan, an idol wannabe, and a researcher at the same time. As I relocated to the United States, I found that all my life experiences within this Asian-specific industry were no longer transferable.

Thus I created a persona who is a formal idol, and made a series of materials including her Instagram account, music videos, daily snapshots on backstage. I use this persona to talk to random people on Tinder and compulsively throw questions about idol groups according to certain rules, to provoke the potential misunderstanding or stereotype.

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