Anlan Huang (Yasmine)

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**也可以换一种方式来叙述:黄安澜是一名旅居广州/香港/上海/纽约的养成系艺术家/当代艺术练习生 ,如果不做艺术家的话她会成为少女偶像,也可以是持续觅食的赤色柴犬或松鼠。对她而言,最为简单的存在是永恒的小女孩,毕竟小女孩能敞亮地声称自己喜欢所有真假难辨的故事及毛绒绒的犬科动物。她以假想人格偶像“やすみん”,以及渴望成为偶像的小女孩“思明”为叙事者,逼近所有类型的爱的边界。

Born in Guangzhou, currently working and living as a digital nomad, Anlan Huang (Yasmine) is an artist and writer. She received her BA (Hons) from Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong, an MA in Literary and Cultural Studies from the University of Hong Kong, and an MFA degree from Parsons School of Design.

As an active human observer, Yasmine is wandering among poetry, philosophy and underground culture, fascinated by undetermined anecdotes and myths. She plays with her multiple personas and combines moving images, installations and performances by mirroring her trauma to a broader context of cultural studies, to further transcribe the co-existing love and hurt.

Recent projects and features include: Guerrillas in Flatland: Unite! Digital Voyagers (Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2021); South Sour Water Performance and Visual Art Festival (Waley Art, Taipei, 2021); Ars Electronica (Austria, 2020); SpeakAIR Online Residency (SpeakART, Canada, 2020).

Educational Background

2021       MFA in Photography, Parsons School of Design, New York

2020      Global Campus Offsite, Tsinghua University, Academy of Arts and Design, Beijing

2019       MA in Literary and Cultural Studies, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2018       BA(Hons) in Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2016       Exchange, Central Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Beijing

Individual Project & Residency 

2020      SpeakAIR Online Residency, SpeakArt, CA

2019       Money Supply, Floating Projects, HK

2019       Paradise, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Xiamen, CN

Selected Group Exhibition

2021       Don't mess around when no one is home, Berlin, DE

2021       Pingyao Photography Festival, Pingyao, CN 

2021       NO SPACE KNOW SPACE, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery, New York, NY

2021       In A Sense, Photoville, New York, NY

2021       Sundae, MCG21XOXO, Chiba, JP

2021       Down the Melting Pot, George Town Festival 2021, Penang, Malaysia

2021       Moments Like This, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL

2021       Tabula Rasa Tablet, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing/Online, CN

2021       “活體洞”, Virtue Village, Hong Kong 

2021       South Sour Water Performance and Visual Art Festival, Waley Art, Taipei

2021       Guerrillas in Flatland: Unite! Digital Voyagers, Power Station of Art, Shanghai/Online, CN 

2021       Communication Strategies: from checkers to complex systems, Times Museum, Chengdu, CN 

2021       Over the Structures, CICA Museum, Gimpo, KR 

2021       Digital Rights are Civil Rights: Race and Technology, Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy, MN, US

2020      Love is in the Air (Online), Online Playroom, RI, US

2020      Ars Electronica, Linz, AT

2020      Eesoterikós, Siilk Gallery, Athens, GR

2019       Influx, 66th 5 AVE, New York, NY, US

2019       Pingyao Photography Festival, Pingyao, CN

2019       Vocal Colds, Phoenix Mountain Art Museum, Nanjing, CN

2019       RITES OF PASSAGE, Manifest Gallery,  OH, US

2018       Neocleus, 53 Museum, Guangzhou, CN

2018       Undergraduate Thesis Show, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, HK

2015       Out of Frame, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, HK

Selected Screening & Performance

2021       13th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 

2021       9th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens, GR 

2020      MicroActs, London, UK

2018       Slam & Jam Night, the University of Hong Kong, HK


2020      Travel Fund, Parsons School of Design, NY, US

2019       Director’s Choice Award, RITES OF PASSAGE, Manifest Gallery, OH, US

2019       Provost Scholarship, Parsons School of Design, NY, US

Panel Talk / Visiting Artist

2021       Panelist, The New Wave of Popular Culture in the Pandemic: feminist voices and cyber violence, Yanjiao Biennale, CN

2020      Visiting Artist, Contemporary Digital Art, Miami International University of Art & Design, FL, US

2019       Lecturer, Collage and Appropriation, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Xiamen, CN

Selected Feature and Interview

2020      OCULAR ORACULAR, D-NORMAL, Floating Projects

2019       Drifting Between Ideologies, Ming Pao 

2019       금지히만 것을 과연 금지했을까? , Monthly Photography(월간사진): ISSUE 618

2017       Chinese Indie Daily, Apple Music

Translation & Writing 

2021       Writer, Love: ensembles or servitude, Sample Mag, ISSUE 22

2021       Translator, From Flows of Culture to the Circuits of Logistics: borders, regions, labour in transit

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