Anlan Huang (Yasmine)  b.1996

Instagram: @HelloYasmine

Born in Guangzhou, currently working and living as a digital nomad, Anlan Huang (Yasmine) received her BA (Hons) from Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong and an MA in Literary and Cultural Studies from the University of Hong Kong. She is pursuing an MFA degree in Photography in Parsons School of Design.

As an active observer, Yasmine gets her inspiration from poetry, philosophy, pop culture and any forms of life experiences that haven’t been articulated. She plays with photography and all forms of found materials to challenge the physical-virtual, factual-fictional dichotomies, to reconstruct stories and reveal potential contradictions in mainstream narrative.

Recent projects and features include Ars Electronica (Austria, 2020); SpeakAIR Online Residency (SpeakART, Canada, 2020); Paradise (Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, China, 2019);  Money Exchange (Floating Projects, Hong Kong, 2019), Monthly Photography (Korea, 2019). She also writes novels and works as an art director.

Educational Background

Parsons School of Design, Master of Fine Arts in Photography

Tsinghua University, Academy of Arts and Design, Global Campus Offsite

the University of Hong Kong, Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies

City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Media

Central Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Outbound Exchange

Individual Project & Residency 

SpeakArt Online Residency, Canada, 03/2020

Money Supply, Floating Projects, Hong Kong, 05/2019

Paradise, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Xiamen, 05/2019-06/2019

Group Exhibition 

Over the Structures, CICA Museum,Gimpo, Korea 03/2021-04/2021 (Incoming)

Ars Electronica, Linz,  Austria, 09/2020-10/2020

Eesoterikós, Siilk Gallery, Athens, Greece, 01/2020-02/2020

Fall Salon, the Factory, New York, NY, 12/2019

Influx, 66th 5AVE, New York, NY, 11/2019

Mosaic, Pingyao Photography Festival, Pingyao, 09/2019

Vocal Colds, Phoenix Mountain Art Gallery, Nanjing, 06/2019-07/2019

RITES OF PASSAGE, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, 05/2019-06/2019

2019 Pioneer Photography Group Exhibition, 403 Experimental Studio, Guangzhou, 04/2019

Neocleus, New Media Art & Interactive Art Exhibition, 53 Museum, Guangzhou, 11/2018

Undergraduate Graduation Show, Singing Waves Gallery, Hong Kong, 05/2018

Out of Frame, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong, 05/2015

Screening & Performance

Genesis, 9th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens, GR  03/2021 (Incoming)

Her Love is a Bleeding Tank, 9th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens, GR  03/2021 (Incoming)

Her Love is a Bleeding Tank, Orionspace, Hangzhou, 08/2020

Vaudeville, Slam & Jam Night, Lap-Chee College, Hong Kong, 11/2018

Vaudeville, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong, 12/2017

Selected Feature

Voyage LA / Xiangyue2020 (in Chinese) / Ming Pao(明報) (In Chinese) / Monthly Photography(월간사진): ISSUE 618.(in Korean) / Apple Music: Chinese Indie Daily


Director’s Choice Award, RITES OF PASSAGE, Manifest Gallery, OH 06/2019

Provost Scholarship, Parsons School of Design, NY, 03/2019

Artist Lecture

Contemporary Digital Art, Miami International University of Art & Design, FL 12/2020

Collage and Appropriation, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Xiamen, 05/2019

黄安澜(Yasmine)就读香港城市大学(创意媒体文学士)、香港大学(文学与文化研究硕士),现于帕森斯设计学院就读摄影硕士,在世界各地反复横跳。作为积极、主动的人类观察者,黄安澜游走于诗歌、哲学与流行文化之中,迷恋一切无法用言语阐述的灰色地带。她编造一系列真假难辨的影像与身份,结合装置、表演等各种媒介,身体性地逼近在主流叙事中被掩盖的矛盾。她的个人艺术项目包括:SpeakAIR Online Residency(SpeakART,加拿大,2020);《乐园》,(三影堂摄影艺术中心,中国大陆,2019;《货币供应》,Floating Projects,香港,2019。写作与文学评论见各刊物上。


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