The Smartest Women I Know Are All Dissociating(我认识的最聪明的女人,都在不断解离中, BIEDE Girls, Beijing

Original text by Emmeline Clein


Space Bebop (太空爵士夢), SAMPLE Magazine, ISSUE 28 + 29, Hong Kong 

Sungrazing Comet(掠日彗星)
, Railing Codex, Volume 1,  Pararailing, Shanghai/Online

The most earnest you are, is the most earnest within my deepest being
 你最懇切的,是我冥冥之中最懇切的 , SAMPLE Magazine, ISSUE 25, Hong Kong

Love of the Colonizer(殖民者之愛)
虛詞 p-articles, Hong Kong/Online


Loved: polyphony or execution(愛的:多重奏或流刑地), SAMPLE Magazine, ISSUE 22, Hong Kong 

Fog of the World(世界迷雾), Open Pixels, Shanghai/Online

Can We Share a World beyond Representation? (我们能否分享超越表象的世界?), Play Under, Shanghai/Online

Co-translated with Siyu Chen, Original text by Irmgard Emmelhainz

Wonderland: Surviving Horror and Monstrosity(仙境:鲜活的恐惧与畸形之物), Heichi Magazine,  New York/Beijing/Online

Original text by Danni Shen

Labours of Love: Women's Labour as the Culture Sector's Invisible Dark Matter (爱的劳动:女性劳动力作为文化产业中不被看见的暗物质), Heichi Magazine, New York/Beijing/Online

Co-translated with Dot Jia, Original text by Macushla Robinson

Sentences on Photography(关于摄影的话, Play Under, Shanghai/Online

Co-translated with Peng Ke, Original text by Torbjørn Rødland

From Flows of Culture to the Circuits of Logistics: borders, regions, labour in transit(文化的涌浪到运筹的回路:边界、区域,及变迁中的劳动), Trigger.org, New York/Online

Original text by Brett Neilson

4 interrogativi sui musei. L’opinione di Hou Hanru, direttore artistico del MAXXI(侯瀚如:关于美术馆的当下和未来,Trigger.org, New York/Online

Original text by Hou Hanru

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