May 2018 is a series of digital collage work whose materials are extracted from the documentary of May Fourth Revolution and Gucci 18 SS (Spring and Summer) campaign.

Apparently, Gucci attempts to transcribe the liberal and vibrant spirit of the student movement into the appeal of its own brands for young consumers. The campaign of Gucci 18 S/S series focuses its horizon to the youth culture, and further represent the student movement because the marketing team think ‘the rebellion, courage and the seek of freedom coincidentally meets Gucci’s brand image’.

What Gucci doesn’t mention is that one of the appeals of Mai 68’ is the refutation of bourgeoisie ideology. When consumerism, its stern counterpart, ironically takes the student movement as a gimmick, and revolution and rebellion exist only to stimulate purchases, is there still a rebel force that is not being incorporated in today's society? 

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