Fog of the World

Photography, newsprint, text 

 “I located her through the reflection in her eyes in her selfie,” the suspect said, and none of the police officers expected the placement of curtains and the direction of natural light coming through the window would also become clues. Clues of his desire. Desire to the girl. A girl overloaded with excessive and obsessive love. 

A mixture of horror, surprise, and admiration grasped Yasmine the character, while she finished reading this news. She began to picture the color of her iris, then sliced her fictional life into pieces, to ruminate if she could be located as that little idol girl.



“我是通过瞳孔里的倒影找到她的。对 ,就自拍。”屏幕那头的嫌犯低垂着头说。窗帘的位置可以看出楼层,窗子透进来的夕阳可以判断方向,夕阳落下来压在了作为受害人的少女偶像身上,过载的爱与痴迷和受害人的形象一样迟迟没有现身 ,


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