Based upon a certain amount of principal and enlarging investment through capital loan, such process is called leverage in the realm of finance. Surprisingly, this term has gained popularity among the Hong Kong insurance industry, which is flourishing and has almost become a must-have service for visitors from mainland China. 

Upon graduation, among my mainland friends, some moved to western countries, some returned home. Yet, among those who stayed and was ready to root here in Hong Kong, most proudly garnered the title of “financial consultant”. I am curious about this phenomenon. No longer merely lingering around the periphery of this industry, repeating or strengthening the stereotypical misunderstandings of such practitioners at both sides of the border, I attempt to blend in to the system myself: being an insurance agent, taking photographs by myself and asking people to take photos of mine. With images, I hope to examine this question: what kind of dreams hide beneath their transformation.

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