A Modern Fetish(2022)

Deeper, deeply(2021)

Servitude: Do not believe that Google Map(2021)

Your Earnest Fondle(2021)

Les Amours imaginaires: an amphorous encounter (2021) 

Commissioned by Guerrillas in Flatland @Emerging Curator Project -PSA


Her Love is a Bleeding Tank(2020)

Reverie (2020)

Fog of the World (2020-)

Illogical Innocence (2019)

Spotlighted!! (2020-)

May 2018 (2018)

Love Letter (2018)

Vaudeville (2017)

Hydra Island (2017)

Art Direction / Cover Shooting for Zoee

Cyanide (2017) 

Art Direction for Prune Deer 

Paradise (2017)

Art Direction / Music Video Shooting for Zoee

Moment of Breaching (2017)

Love Disabled (2016)

Paint on Me (2015)

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