Yasmine Anlan Huang

Born in Guangzhou, currently working and living between New York and Hong Kong, Yasmine received her BA (Hons) in Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong and an MA in Literary and Cultural Studies in the University of Hong Kong. She is pursuing an MFA degree in Photography in Parsons School of Design.

As a cross-cultural observer, Yasmine gets her inspiration from novels, philosophy, sociology and digital technology. Her practice explores the subtle interaction among the cyber world, East Asian pop culture, late capitalism, and the vulnerability being brought to individuals as well. She plays with found images, footages and objects to reconstruct new meanings to picture a contradiction embedded in daily life. 

Yasmine had her first solo exhibition Paradise in Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (2019). Her works have been exhibited and reported in mainland China, Hong Kong, Germany, Korea, and United States.

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